Week Nine experiences and Mind Map

Hello myself Aakash Subba and after the week 8 this is my ninth blog writing for week nine and in this blog writing I am going to explain about each day experiences on week 9. We are still continuing our regular classes on Google Classroom as college has decided to run the classes regularly throughContinue reading “Week Nine experiences and Mind Map”

Mobile First Design is good or bad?

Hello again myself Aakash Subba this is my sixth blog writing for week 6 and in this blog, I am about to give my opinion or describe what is Mobile first design, what are the advantages of Mobile first design and what will be the potential drawbacks of mobile first design. Also want to illustrateContinue reading “Mobile First Design is good or bad?”

Again Online Classes For Week Four

After 3 weeks this is my fourth blog writing for week four and in this blog writing I am going to explain about each day experiences on week 4. As we are all about to overcome the pandemic situation to create the physical environment, we face another problem in the shape of air pollution whichContinue reading “Again Online Classes For Week Four”

Third Week and Physical Class

After week 1 and 2 this is my third blog writing for weekly assignments. So, college recently launched hybrid physical classes with terms and conditions regarding safety precaution from pandemic of Covid-19 which is good for students as well as teacher to study and teach in proper manner. So many things had happened on onlineContinue reading “Third Week and Physical Class”

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