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Hello myself Aakash Subba and I am writing this blog for week 12 blog writing and in this blog, I am about to explain all my experiences on this module what I saw, what I learned in overall what I liked and what I don’t liked what I have done in this module from week 1 to week 12. Also, what are the interesting things that happened within this module, what will I do if I got an opportunity to redesign this module and what will be my approach for this.

From week 1 to week 12 I have seen many things and done many things in module 4CI018 which is Academic Skills and Team-Based Learning. LTW methods which stands for Lecture Tutorial Workshop was already new for me and I never heard this before and got opportunity to experience and saw how this method really works. Within this time period I have seen different types of lectures on different types of topics like Cyber Security and Steganography, Game engine, Professional Organization and Academic Skills itself. Different types of writing like Blog writing, Report writing, CV, Cover letter, Graduation Form, E-mail writing etc. can be seen during tutorial classes. During Workshop classes I have done many interesting things like practically learning all the basics concepts that we learn during tutorial classes which include from Blog writing to E-mail writing. I have done many interesting things like Presentation, solving problem like tower of Hanoi, creating WordPress account to LinkedIn etc. Also. College upload different types of assignment on Google Classroom so I have to do different types of assignment like weekly Blog Writing, Report Writing, CV, Cover Letter, Graduation Form, Take Away task etc.

Honestly this is my favorite module and I personally enjoy this module due to many reasons. This module provides clear opportunity for those students who are afraid of crowd and mass people. The main theme of this module is Team-Based learning on different Academic activities by using own skills. So, students easily get themselves involved in different types of activities like presentation which is enjoyable as well as good for those who wants to make their communication skills better. Also, during this short time period there was once arguments on different topics which was funny as well as enjoyable. As I already mentioned that this module was new to me so due to this reason at first, I found myself difficult on understanding and learning the contents of module. Right now, the whole world is suffering from COVID-19 which somehow indirectly affects on education system and due to this reason, we have to shift from physical class to online classes. This module lost its beauty due to online classes which I personally never enjoyed. We miss different types of interesting events and program due to this which was sad and not enjoyable.  Here I design my mind map about this module based on before learning this module and after learning this module.

Fig: Mind map of before and after learning this module

If I were redesigning this module yes, I would change. As this module mainly focused on Team-Based learning on different academic skills. So, I would bring more team-based activities to level up the communication skills. Activities like coin logo, the one question ice breaker activity, picture pieces game, two truth and a lie etc. would be great advantage for those who wants to increase their communication and problem-solving skills. Weekly presentation on various topics will be my top priority and I also like to add Essay writing on different problems of country. I would bring well experienced lecturer for this module and told him to lecture on various topic related to this module. I also like to conduct different events and programs where the involvement of all student is mandatory. Students have much more interest on Events like online game competition, quiz competition, spelling competition etc. which will make them mentally strong and it is beneficial as well as students can improve their mental skills.

Academic skills and team-based learning aims the student just not to develop the personal skills but also to develop the teamwork as well. I am happy to learn this amazing module and I want to do more things than I have done over past 12 weeks. This module changes me completely in the context of facing crowd which I had always problem with. From week 1 to week 12 within this short period of time I got many opportunities to learn many things and I never had problem with this module.

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