My Three Teamwork at Herald

Hello myself Aakash Subba and after week nine this is my tenth blog writing for week 10 and in this blog writing I am going to explain about all my 3 experiences where I have been worked as a part of group in the last 10 weeks. Also, what was my role during being part of the group and how did all work go as per plan or not. At the end I will conclude this blog by concluding the questions like what I have learned from working with the group and from all of this group work What should I do to improve my teamwork as being worked as team.

From week 1 to week 10 in this journey I learned many new things which I never learned before, experiences many things got introduced with new method of teaching and everything at Herald college was new experience for me. From week 1 to week 10 the only thing that reminds me as working on the group was PowerPoint Presentation. Like I said new thing, working as a team or group to execute the task was not new for me but the new thing was presentation which we do often during physical classes and I think two times on online classes. First of all, teacher distribute all groups possible on the basis of number and we got assigned presentation on the specific topic and each group member should discuss about the particular topic and work as a team to made presentation and at the end turn by turn present all the contents inside PowerPoint Presentation to explain each points of contents. So, from past 10 weeks I am going to explain my three examples where I worked as a team. My first task as a team was at week 3 where I got first assigned as a member of specific group to do presentation and the topic was about Apollo and Spacecraft. First of all, I had no knowledge how to make presentation and what is the concept or structure of presentation. I had no idea about References and citation. To be honest my teammates do more things than me at that time from research to making presentation. My only contribution was to present most of the topic to cover almost half of the contents. My role at time was to present the introduction part and go into little more details of content. As this was my first task as a group so it goes as plan with some mistakes on the points and references. Speaking wise and research wise we did our best and from this presentation my confidence got boosted. My 2nd work as a team was again in presentation at week 5 and the topic was about game engine. The group was separated and we got assigned PowerPoint presentation on that topic. As compared to my first presentation I also do more contribution on this presentation as I research most of the content inside the presentation and also helps my teammates by providing ideas about the format and structure of presentation. My role on this presentation was much greater than my first presentation as I not only cover much of the points of the presentation but I also contribute many things during this presentation like giving idea about format and doing lot of research. This presentation goes on planned but there were some few mistakes like font size and incomplete points as well. My 3rd example where I worked as a team was again in presentation. As I cover most of the group work of presentation only during physical classes but for this 3rd example I am going to cover about presentation on online classes. So recently at week 9 there was our online presentation on the topic about team-works on different Movies. As compared to physical classes online classes is more difficult in every way from understanding to teaching and from listening to discussing due to many reasons like internet issues to electricity and not properly able to focus on every student at a time. So, this presentation was much challenging as well as need more effort and teamwork. During this presentation groups were separated by teacher at their own will. I almost do most of my presentation with my own teammates but this time it was different and for me it was like how can I do with my presentation with those to whom I never expected. But The good thing was Google without Google not even single presentation will be executed. Google provide PowerPoint Sheet and the features were so good and easy for all mates to make presentation, doing communication with the help of Google Meet and doing most of the research on Google. We all worked as a team and finished our presentation within time. In this presentation all teammates do their own role and do their own research on their part which was distributed by all of us. My role on this presentation was just to present my parts of presentation. This presentation goes perfectly as planned and we got appreciate by teacher as well.  

Working as a team is always a great experience and strongly connecting with teammates to share ideas and learn many new things is a great experience. During my first presentation where I do many mistakes like incomplete research, wrong references, feeling uneasy to present and wrong pronunciation. But slowly realizing my mistake as compared to first presentation I improved much. Still there are some odds inside me which I should improve. So, for this there will be one final presentation on seven different topics for 1st semester at the end of the week of 1st semester at that time I will give my all time best and be sure on should I need more improvising or not.

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