Week Nine experiences and Mind Map

Hello myself Aakash Subba and after the week 8 this is my ninth blog writing for week nine and in this blog writing I am going to explain about each day experiences on week 9. We are still continuing our regular classes on Google Classroom as college has decided to run the classes regularly through the online classes until the whole situation gets back to normal.  Although it was right decision and may not be as affected as physical classes but it gives continuity for student to study and gain the knowledge regarding the modules but there are some major issues which I am about to discuss in this blog writing. The online classes will be held, as usual on Google Classroom with same routine and timetable.

So, Week 9 has started on Monday after getting the notification of lecture videos on Google classes. But due to the panel discussion of Module Academic Skills and Team-Based Learning there was no Lecture video as well as the Tutorial Class also.  I watched all the lecture videos posted by the respected teachers on YouTube. There were 2 videos of each 2 modules and in the videos, I got my opportunity to introduced and learn many new things like introduction to Object oriented programming on Java, Objects and Programs, Classes, Methods, Instance variables, Constructors, Batch files, VBScript, PowerShell etc. On Tuesday there was our tutorial class of two different modules. At 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM there was the tutorial class of 1 hour and 30 minutes Fundamentals of computing by Raj Pradhan and Sujan Shrestha Sir respectively. During the class we mainly discussed on the problems regarding the lecture class and revised the lecture class on perfect manner by solving the questions uploaded on Google Classroom. There was total nine questions so the task was to solve all the questions within time. After the 1st class there was another class at 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM of Introductory of Programming and Problem Solving of 1 hour and 30 minutes by Deepson Shrestha Sir. The main objectives of this class were to revised the lecture class and go deeply to the basics of Object-Oriented Programming in java. During the class we learned more about how to create Class, Method, Constructors, Private method, also discussed about Polymorphism, Inheritance. On Wednesday there should be our tutorial class of Academic Skills and Team-Based learning but due to the ongoing Panel Discussion Classes, tutorial class of this particular module got postponed. On Thursday there was our workshop class of Academic Skills and Team Based Learning at 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM of 2 hour and 30 minutes by Sangay Lama and Rohit Parajuli Sir respectively. But due to the electricity cut-off on my house I couldn’t attend my class from beginning as I was 30 minutes late. During the class there was discussion on Skills and why skills matter in getting job and so on. After the lecture we all have to follow the instruction of Rohit Sir to create the account on LinkedIn so we can explore the world of Employment opportunities based on achievements, skills, etc. also just like other social medial LinkedIn also provide the connection of many people where the connected one get advantage to watch the post on LinkedIn of other individual connected one. We learned many new features about LinkedIn like how to create perfect CV on LinkedIn, how to send connections, how to add skills, how to apply for jobs etc.  After successfully creating the account, we got assigned three different tasks which includes research on data entry criteria, Mind map on three different Skills, and Video Statement regarding some questions. Here is the sample of Mind Map on given topic.

                                                   Fig: Mind Map of Skill Profile

 On Friday there was our workshop class of Fundamental of Computing at 11:30 AM to 2:30 AM of 3 hours by Sujan Shrestha Sir. Due to the continuously power-cut in my house I couldn’t perfectly attend my classes because I got distracted due to Internet problems and couldn’t focused on my class. Despite this problem I learned many things as well. There were many questions regarding PowerShell uploaded on Google Classroom but I couldn’t attend to solve the 1st part of questions due to internet issue. For the second part’s question I solved many of them as well but again with the issue I couldn’t give my 100%. On Sunday there was our Workshop class of Introductory of computing of 3 hour straight at 7:00 AM to 10:30 AM by Deepson Shrestha Sir. During the class there was some questions uploaded on Google Classroom and we have to solve the questions. The questions were fully based on Java Object oriented so it was so confusing as well as hard also. There were some problems we are facing on the questions so we asked the teacher and solved one by one.

Although week nine was fully based on online class but the knowledge and the information were more important than other weeks in my opinion. The more the week passes harder the module become. So still there are many challenges coming through my door and comes without knocking. I have lot of thing to change and keep updating the things regarding the module and prepare for upcoming weeks. There are still many problems in Online classes that teachers as well as we are still comprising on many facts of teaching and learning which indirectly effects on both teaching and learning environments. I hope the recent Pandemic that whole country is facing right now will terminated and hoping to get involved in physical classes on campus as soon as possible neglecting online classes.

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