Mobile First Design is good or bad?

Hello again myself Aakash Subba this is my sixth blog writing for week 6 and in this blog, I am about to give my opinion or describe what is Mobile first design, what are the advantages of Mobile first design and what will be the potential drawbacks of mobile first design. Also want to illustrate the idea of mobile first design and what will be the final conclusions to this.

Mobile first design is a design strategy that says when you create a website or app, you should start sketching and prototyping the smallest screen first and work your way up to larger screens. Essentially, it’s about delivering the right user experience to the right device. The reason that this makes sense is because with such limited real estate on small screens, UX designers must prioritize the most important aspects of their website and apps, namely content. For many years, mobile websites were an afterthought to the design process. An addition not a necessity. The slow decline of desktop coupled with the rise of mobile phones over the last 5 years has shown that mobile first design has to take priority.

Benefits of mobile first design

Mobile conversions rate are up 64% when compared with the average desktop conversion rates. So, designing mobile first can lead to more profit for your business. And since Google ranks for mobile-friendliness, it makes sense to bear this in mind when starting a new project.

This way of designing is also beneficial when it comes to download times and users accessing your content as quickly as possible. With fewer elements, the page will load faster. When you consider a 1 second delay causing a 7% lost in conversions – it pays to design mobile first.

When you design from the smallest screen to the largest screen, this is known as (Chittlesoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 2019)progressive enhancement It’s about designing with a strong foundation and adding enhancements as you go.

With mobile first, you create your strong foundation. This foundation will help strengthen other designs for tablet and desktop. The foundation should always be content and mobile first design emphasizes content over navigation – users get the information they need quicker.

This will also make your life easier since mobile first design starts off with the tackling the hardest screen size to design for. The rest inevitably falls into place.

Mobile first design forces you to really focus and maintain clarity by removing any unnecessary user interface decoration. By removing any distractions, you’ll invariably improve the user experience and that makes good business sense.

1. It gets people the information they need, regardless of where they’re accessing your website from. When people look something up on their mobile device, they want quality content that answers their questions or helps them make a decision. A mobile-first approach, which showcases the most important content, would help you meet that need.

2. Fewer bugs. The reason for this is simple – less code means fewer opportunities for bugs. As mentioned, desktop-first involves starting with something complex that is then adapted to smaller screens. This code-heavy starting point entails a greater risk of bugs later on. With a simpler mobile-first approach, you will be able to detect and prevent bugs more easily.

Disadvantages of Mobile-First Design

Despite all its amazing benefits, there are actually some disadvantages to mobile-first design. Here are two of them.

1. Not Easy to Work With

Change means learning to do things in a different way. Starting with a mobile-first design has been described as “neither fun nor easy” by several website designers around the internet.

Taking a mobile-first approach requires a different way of thinking. You’ll have to take the time to learn the tricks, experiment on what works, and figure out new design methods if you really want to create a memorable mobile-first experience.

2. Restrictive for Both Space and Creativity

Obviously, mobile sites don’t have as much space as desktop sites. This means you’ll have to be selective with the content you include. Plus, it restricts many of the creative design elements you can use for desktop sites, which can be quite frustrating.

These limitations will take some getting used to. Mobile-first design is much more formulaic than it is creative, which is a major turnoff for many web designers, and requires that they develop a detailed plan before starting.

On the bright side, when you finish your more restrictive, mobile-first design, it’s all uphill! You’ll be able to expand your designs as you increase the size, making the final version of your website that much better.

. Smaller canvas, less room for creativity, at least for most web designers right now. They’re used to a more accommodating desktop-sized space. Asking them to work on a smaller canvas with fewer tools could make them feel restricted. Depending on the designer, this could be either a welcome or unwelcome challenge.

2. Uncertainty for clients. Since they will not be able to view the desktop version until much later, your clients may not be comfortable with a mobile-first approach. Unless they have complete faith in your judgment, they may not be willing to move away from a desktop-first approach.

3. Training time and costs. To develop and execute a mobile-first design strategy, you will need a team that understands the new design methods it will involve. You may have to train your team or hire more resources to help take on this challenge. (Chittlesoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 2019)

At last, it is in our own hand to take the full advantages of mobile first design and if neglecting mobile design in this day and age is a UX design sin. Delivering a pleasurable user experience should be at the heart of what we do. Using this mobile first approach will not only make your life easier as a designer but it’ll make the life of the user easier too. And isn’t that why we do this?  There are many disadvantages as well as but the advantages of mobile first design are more than disadvantages. So the positive side of this will be the greatest achievements for human being.

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