Second Week With Herald College

Hello, myself Aakash Subba, this is my second time blog writing as I already submitted my 1st blog writing through Google Classroom. The first week of college experience was great as I never expected that is would be and I have learned different stuffs about different subjects and their basics. So, in this blog I mainly focus on second week of college’s learning method, style or technique or you can say about their consistency and what I learned, what I have expected, what is still the problems, what needs to be changed, what are the modules really about, and how to deeply study that module.

So, the college is always run on their time table as always. The first day of week second Monday our lecture class was uploaded on YouTube and I got my notification through Classroom at 9:00 AM. I checked all the videos about all three modules by different lecture teacher. I have learned about the Boolean Algebra and their expressions, Logic gates and their types, Literal and their type, Variables, Functions, Operators, Data Types, Expressions, more deeply studied Java, about universities, ancient education, Assessments, Socratic method of studies etc. On Tuesday, our tutorial classes were run on the basis of two modules Fundamentals of Computing and Introductory Programming and Problem Solving by two different teacher Sujan Shrestha and Deepson Shrestha. During our tutorial class which was held online I got my opportunities to re-learn or revise lecture class again. The classes were of 1 hour and 30 minutes each between 30 minutes time difference so, this much time was enough to recall and was more extra. Some problems that I was facing on logic gates and literals or you can say data type were solved by our teachers during tutorial classes but still some students still got the problems of internet I hope they could research or contact with the module leader regarding their problems. On Wednesday there was the tutorial class of 1 hour and 30 minutes on Academic skills and team-based learning. Our respected teacher Manish Deuja and Rohit Parajuli taught us about writing email and how to use it for college purposes and also learned about CC and BCC. After the class I wrote the email to the student services regarding the problems during online classes and its solution. On Thursday there was workshop class of Academic Skills and Team-based learning by Manish Deuja sir and Rohit Parajuli sir. During the class we learned about the mind mapping which was new to us. Basically, the mind mapping is like the map of the mind which lead our thought and set our mind ready to take any challenges in further future. Manish Sir clearly explain about how can we make our mind ready and what are the advantages of mind making and why are they important to us. Rohit Sir share his experiences in Herald college and why I joined Herald college and what was my dream and more. He also projects the basic mind mapping during classes and taught how to create mind mapping on diagram using computers. I also try mind mapping on Modules that we are going to learned before 1st Semester. So here is my small try.

Sample of Mind Mapping of Modules that we are learning before 1st Semester.

On Friday there was our workshop class from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm by Sujan Shrestha Sir. During that time period we again got opportunities to solve our problems regarding the Logic gate, truth table, logic circuit, De-Morgan’s law and Simplification of logic problems even more smoothly and easily. All the classmates asked the problems and teacher solved their problems one by one. Saturday was holiday and I completed all my assignments and practice little bit java and python. On Sunday that is today there was our Workshop class of Introductory of programming and problem solving by Deepson Shrestha Sir so there we learned different things about java and solved many problems regarding the question provided by the college. The class was of 3 hours from 7A:M to 10 A: M. During the time period I learned to use Blue J and practice java program and try to run some of them. We discussed about the problems and try to solve one by one. After the class I practice some of the problems as well.

This week was tougher than first week. It needs much more hard work and focus to understand the lecture, examples, questions and assignment. Also, this week was very important for me to collect the information to use for upcoming modules. I have learned many new things which was strange or unknown to me that time. I don’t know how fast this week has got passed. At the last there is good news regarding classes because college has announced that after Tuesday college will run onwards through physical classes so it will help all the students easily and more smoothly.

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