My New Journey With Herald College

Hello everyone me Aakash Subba and here is my first blog writing of this first week and I am damn exciting for this one. First of all, the college has been recently started from 8th of March offering online sessions after the long lockdown and this is my 1st assignment for the college as blog writing which I am writing right now. From this blog writing I am about to discuss about the modules, challenges, my expectations, what I learned from these modules, my problems regarding online sessions, what has been interesting and how to tackle my problems.

So recently our college has launched their first three modules for 1st semester which includes Fundamentals of Computing, Introductory Programming and Problem Solving and Academic Skills and Team based Learning. All the three modules seem to be quite surprising to me and regarding some modules which I am familiar with seems easy cause college has decided to teach from the basics of every modules. The college has different method of teaching which is LTW method which stands for Lecture, Tutorial, and Workshop. So basically this technique helps student to learn the same things in three different ways which is very good for every poor students as well as average and also better for talented one. I am expecting that this technique bring lot of changes of me regarding learning. As per the challenge I have to catch up the speed of teaching styles which I have never seen and experienced in my whole life and the methods seem to be unfamiliar to me as well. The module Academic Skills and Team based learning is also new to me than other subject so hoping to do my best for this one also. Talking about the other modules I get my opportunities to revise as well as redesign my ideas about Computing, Programming Languages, Python, Java, Conversions, Syntax error, Semantic error, language translator, etc. The new things I have learned from this module is Drake’s equations which was really interesting. After one week I will have the knowledge regarding the basics of module is my expectation and also do not have any doubts in any computing conversions is my top priority as well. The new things which I have learned is the concept of what is academic skills and what is team-based learning how does this works. And also about the idea of note taking, references, skills development, character build up and many small mistakes which I have done during my past regarding learning and studying. So recently I got my opportunity to introduce with programming language like python and java and also wrote some simple programs including the wolf cabbage and goat problem to tower of Hanoi in workshop. But due to this Covid-19 there is pandemic and crisis of everything which indirectly as well as directly somehow impact the education systems. So to avoid the danger of this pandemic college launched the online sessions for two weeks. It is good as well as bad because the physical environment of teaching is far better than online teaching method and I think many students already noticing the problems regarding the learning and solving problems and it is also hard for teachers to teach individually. Sometimes network seems to be the problem and it is hard to monitor all the students and also difficult to give proper attention. And this is also my first online class so it is still challenging for me as well. Just like coin has two sides online classes also have some demerits as well so the proper solution for this may be the physical classes I guess which will run after 2 weeks and I am really exciting for this. At first I find difficult to follow the direction given by teacher like creating WordPress account now I am writing this blog through WordPress all credits goes to LTW technique.

The teaching environment and the teacher seems to be friendly and I am expecting much more than that. From the 1st class I find no any kind of disturbance and distraction from anyone and all the students are good and they understand quick than me so I am hoping to catch up with my fellows classmate. Also teacher equally teach everyone not like only focusing on one student. And the best part is Time Tables of college they teach in sharp time not less not more. At the end before ending my blog all I want to say is I am experiencing something which is experiencing by only few peoples in my country which is something.

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